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Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Too Will Pass

Can someone please tell me if the words "teenager" and "hormones" are synonyms for argue?

What is it about 14 years olds that they must argue. I love him. He rocks; but he's eventually going to stop arguing with me, isn't he?

He even argues over things we agree on.

Here's my tip: don't argue back. Even when you want to- DON'T. It's better to let the teenager say his piece and then move on with it; be assured that one day he'll grow up, smarten up and realize that mom was not as wrong as he thought she was and he too will one day have a teenager all his own.


whittakerwoman said...

Sounds like a blast! :) H

Amanda said...

But he's such a cutie pie, just let him think he knows everything, that way one day soon when he realizes he dosent hell ask why mom didnt you tell me....and which point you can say bc I was once a teenager.
love ya

mont said...

You know Michelle, I have to disagree here. Teenagers are not always arguing. In fact, it is possible that you are picking the fight, not him. He is merely trying to exert his own sense of independence and place in this world.

Maybe you have it all wrong and it is actually Men and Women who argue, that is another possibility.

I hope you know that I'm being a punk by arguing with you...

Superhero Mom said...

The "punk" above -- cracks me up! When ever I read your "my life" blogs, I just love them! You may be a tad younger than I, but you are definately a tad wiser than I. I am glad you travel this road before me! I was just asking someone the other day, why it was very easy for me to have amazing classroom management with my high school class than it is to have dinner time management with my own children everynight! Hmmmm...something along the lines of enormous love came to mind! I see that in you too Michelle - keep on surviving!


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