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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Had a Thought Today

Have you ever thought about the fact that young people in today's society film just about everything and post it somewhere on the web.
Youtube, myspace, facebook...
I'm interested to see what this will hold for future presidents, senators, congressmen, governors.... I'm not sure there will be a person out there who doesn't have something archived somewhere on the world wide web.
I think it'll bring an honesty out, the term skeletons in the closet may be a term of the past. I also think it'll bring an "everyone has done it" attitude as well. Events and situations that really are inappropriate will be deemed as OK; after all there are hundreds of videos on the web of tons of different people acting stupid in the same or similar way. We'll look at childish behavior is college age students, or any age, as part of growing up, or "just being a girl" or "boys will be boys", when statistically not everyone is "doing it" (this reaches beyond our s*xual mindset when I use that term).
Just as our polluting and current day living will effect the earth so will this public display of our youth.
Have you checked out my kids youtube?
Makes me think as a parent.
What are your thoughts?

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