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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cosmic Bowling

Last night we took the middle schoolers bowling, Cosmic Bowling.
What a blast!
We arrived at 9:30pm and bowled 6 lanes raw by 11:30pm!
It was such a blast! (did I say that already?)
I wear many hats at middle school events and it's not a bad thing, it's actually fun that all my hats can come together. I get to hang with my kids, my best friend and the girls I've come to love from living life with them these last 3 years and I get paid to be there! Who would complain about that?

38 of us showed up, my guess would be about 8 adults and 30 students. The event was open to students who just graduated 6th grade through students who graduated 8th grade. Cosmic bowling means black light and late nights. My bowling fun consisted of me getting one of the lowest scores and my best friend and "boss", you know the old people I hang with who are competitive, bringing in the high scores each and every string.

I was proud of Vaughan for bowling lefty all night . Kev and I even bowled a whole string that way, he did pretty good, I bombed! Our lane also had a bowling challenge and each took a turn bowling frontward, backward, granny style and other crazy ways.

A good group of new kids showed up, both 6th graders and 9th graders, and we really ticked the lady off who worked there, although I did get to have a nice conversation with her and I think she liked us before the night was over.

Back to the ticking her off part:
To begin with when I called to confirm earlier in the day she had no idea we were coming and after calling the owner she said it was "unfortunate" that she would have to be there later than usual. Next, our youth Pastor referred to her as a man, "Just pay the man" he said to a student jokingly; "I'm a women" was her response. Lastly if the first stink bomb didn't make her mad the second one surely did and I kept on bowling while she lectured the kids and threatened "whoever did this!". Of course there was no doubt in my mind who had done it, and no it was not one of my kids- it was... actually I'll keep this info in house, if you work with our youth long enough stink bombs in public places can only come from one student, and he's one of my favorites!

So we're about half way through our summer and have several events done and several more on the horizon. I'm looking forward to each event that comes up and can't figure out how I got so blessed to have my job, my kids and my friends all come together for more fun than I could have imagined. God's cool like that!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have enjoyed reading your blog. Check out my new Allison

Amanda said...

I love this and it does sound so much fun. Can I come to the next one. Love ya,


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