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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

You'd think with my mom and grandma within 3 miles of me we'd all get together for Mother's Day. Nope we didn't, instead we all ate dinner together on Saturday night and on Sunday my family ever so happily followed me on yet another wild chase of FL State Parks.

This time we traveled 2 hours to Devil's Millhopper State Park. We were all pretty tired before even leaving so the car ride was actually relaxing. Since we recently purchased the box to allow our antennae to pick up digital signal, yes 15 years of wedded bliss and we've yet to have cable/dish. Anyway in the spirit of that box we listened to Adventures in Odessy, The Black Veil. If you want time to fly radio theatre is the way to go. Anyway Steve drove a good chunk of the way before I took over so he could nap.
I only had to make one U-Turn and we arrived! Once again it is best described in pictures.
This was actually taken on our way out of the park. Not sure if it was the Devil's Millhopper sign or Women's Bathroom sign we are posing by?

Devil's Millhopper is a 120 foot deep sink hole. Formed shortly after the Flood the sinkhole has many legends, all somewhat similar. Basically the sinkhole is shaped like an old hopper used in mills to funnel grain. Legend has it that the Devil kidnapped a beautiful Indian Princess and when the young Indian braves chased them the devil swallowed them up into this hole. The fossils found here are said to be those from the braves as well as the water flowing from the side walls are their tears. It became a state park in the early 1970's when a walkway was build to safely, and without harming the ecosystem, allow visitor's to travel to the bottom of the sinkhole.
My baby and I.

Justin at the bottom. The bottom was flat and swamplike.

All my men!

Here's J and I with 1 of 6 waterfalls that fall into the sinkhole. The water all flows together and down into the Florida aquifer below. If you're unfamiliar with Florida the state sits on top of limestone, shell, dirt and under ground rivers called aquifers. My theory is that's we'll one day pave this state and then sink it! Anyway the waterfalls sounded so relaxing I was ready to jump the path and relax awhile.
Fluff on the way up. He did so good.

While we didn't stop at my fav place, we did a drive-by and I snapped this picture.
After leaving the park we drove through downtown Gainesville and through the UF campus, near the Swamp, we are catching the football bug early this year (did I mention V's on the JV team? butterflies dance in my stomach just typing that) and then on home.
side note: please, please, please if you see my friend DO NOT TELL HER I HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH UF- she's a Seminole and well, I now live in the south and college football is... well if you have lived in the south you know; if you haven't lived in the south go and read Boomama's blog during football season and you'll get it. Anyway if said friend finds out it could be bad for the friendship *smile*
It was only as I was tucking the boys in bed that I realized this was the first year I didn't get a card from them, slackers. Instead I got a day full of memories and all their love.
Love being a mom, love my kids.
I'm blessed.
PS- worth a 2 hour drive... wouldn't recommend it; here's last year for a look back
I'd rate this park an overall "C", passing only because I don't know anywhere else you can visit a sinkhole. if you are in the area and have an hour to spare then go ahead. it's really a simple walk to the bottom and then back out.

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