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Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Monday I Have No Title for This

I've taken these next days off from work to concentrate on getting together our home school portfolios. Last night I gathered together all the paperwork I have and separated it into subject area and student. Usually I do this throughout the year and simply have to look over it all, write a brief summary, make up a reading list and we're done.

This year I had something called a job, outside the home, to add to my other jobs, inside the home, and just never got around to purchasing the 3-ring binder to house these papers and photos that compose our school year. I know, I know sounds simple: buying a binder, except I try to never, ever go into Wal-Mart.

So, with the load of it all weighing heavy on me this year I thought it best to take a little vacation to get it together, or at least attempt to. I also have made the hard choice to do something we've never done in the 10 years we've home schooled; I've decided to school 3-days a week through the summer for J and continue writing for V. We may also use this program over 3 Saturdays this summer, a really good skill for the boys to have.

Yuck! I know, my kids already moan over this, but we just took a little too much time off this year and could cover a little more over the summer months. On a good note we're going to be going back to some unit studies.

When the boys were in elementary school that all we did- unit studies! Most I got from Konos and still others I made up myself. So this week we're digging into the automobile, it's history (which interesting enough after steam autos electric came next... hind site is 20/20) and in conjunction with that study we'll learn about the Great Depression. So with that said I better stop typing and get the kids up and fed and ready to learn.

Happy Monday!

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Julie said...

We're doing some school this summer too..for the first time in 16 years of home schooling. Though they groan a little, they are doing well. Thankfully Math is the only subject two of the kids are working on. My 15 year old is having to read some 'BORING' (his term) books for a great literature class he is given the opportunity to take through our co-op next year.
Still we are all getting a much needed break~

Enjoy your summer amidst the school!



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