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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today, It's Good 2 B Me

So life with a teenager isn't all that bad this week.
Of course, it's only Tuesday.

Last week I was informed that he, my 14 year old, doesn't tell me anything about football practice because I don't know anything about it.

"No offense, mom." I think is the phrase that followed. These are things they don't tell you about parenting.

So that was last week.
This week, it's good being me, I got hugged and kissed and thanked for being a good, loving mom.It melts my heart every time my, much taller than me child, hugs me on his very own! I can't help and thank the Lord for creating this kid!
...and blessing me with him!

So teen years rate good today.
I give it an A.

Here are some pics from Steve's brothers graduation/moving/getting a real job party. By the way-are there any fake jobs out there? 'Cause if so I want it!
My baby and I; both in need of a haircut.

My three sons. "The graduate" lived
  • in our garage,
  • on our couch,
  • and just used a self in the living room for his deodorant, toothbrush and paste, while he lived out of his Bronco.
Somehow he made it in the church directory as one of our children.

Here they all are.

To think, I made him, at age 13, come to the ER with me when Vaughan fell and needed 10 stitches above his eye. Uncle C is all grown up and now he's living in England!

How could I not take this picture.
Me and two Iraqi War Veterans.
God Bless America and the freedom that we have that many, many other countries do not have.
Be thankful for you freedom and thank those who defend it!


PS I do know quite a bite about football, at least for a girl

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Anonymous said...

i fricken love you...
by the way it's much easier leaving a comment as anonymous.


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