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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Recap, A Bit Late

So I have to tell you about Mother's Day!
My family really knows me and loves me.
First, I didn't have to cook. They know me.
Second, they took me outside, hiking. They know me.
Third, they went with me. They love me.

After church, which I skipped, we went to my favorite deli and got a delicious sandwich with chips and chocolate. Yum.

Then with the dog and boys in tow, we headed to the Ocala National Forest. Before getting there we made a stop at this state park. It was neat and free and not crowed. We hiked around and found a cool tree, climbed up the side of a cabin to see the inside and giggled 'til we almost wet ourselves. Well at least Night Owl and I did, Steve and Early Bird tend to be more serious.

We travel to the Ocala NF, but so did some bad weather, so our hiking there consisted of letting the dog out to play fetch.

On our way home we stopped by my favorite store. An outdoor one with lots of outdoor gadgets and statues and things one doesn't need but will certainly buy or dream about buying as I have done for 13 years. So we stopped there and had a blast with the yard ornaments and I picked out yet another mexican painted sink- something I 've done since we discovered the place 13 years ago.

We came home and relaxed.

My brother-in-law called and wished me a happy Mother's Day, he lived in our garage and on our sofa for some time so he has that obligation right to call me. Anyway he asked if I got breakfast in bed or a card or flowers. I said no that my family together was enough. Well, that and the fact that they put up with me.

I love my family.
They rock!

My family

Night Owl and his mama bird

very cool tree to climb on
Overall park rating a "B". Neat for the boat ride and the one tree in the pictures. Not much to do, only a hort sandy road that leads to cabin camping- although to be honest it began to storm so we could have missed some stuff- but I doubt it.

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