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Monday, May 28, 2007

Movie Review: Pirates III

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

* My kids saw this movie and loved it! My oldest will be writing his first movie review later this week. Check back.

Save your money and don't waste your time. If you're dying to see it, or like pirate movies or are such a big Disney fan that you must see it (I fall into the last category) then wait for video.
Where Spiderman 3 was a 2 hour movie done in 2.5 hours, Pirates 3 was a 2 hour movie done is 3 hours!! *after picking up my kids from the movies I realized it wasn't 3 hours- but it seemed like it!

Did you fully get that. Three. Hours.

I slept a few times, just to rest my eyes- we went to the 8:30 so that meant by 10:30 we still had an hour to go, zzzzz. I can sleep in a movie and not feel guilty, afterall I don't get much uninterrupted time with my hubby!

I'm still a bit confused on the plot and am sure my kids could have come up with a better one that wasn't so confusing and random.

Pirate action was great! The swash buckling, rope swinging, sword fighting, cannon blasting, boat sinking was everything the first two were and more! So much more that it's when I chose to catch some shut-eye.

A bit of a dark side with Tia, the voodoo priestess; however it opens my eyes to the darkness of the pirate life and the dark side that currently exists in the islands as well as other places.

My favorite character from the ride made an appearance, you know the little dog with the keys ring in his mouth, Elizabeth is perhaps the greatest pirate ever; girl power on the high seas at it's best, and as crazy and off the wall as Jack Sparrow is- you just can't help but like the guy! our favorite monkey and his side kick the parrot had a larger role and make for some of the best scenes.

So all in all, I recommend you save your money and time and skip this one all together; however if you must and have the self-control wait for this one to come out on video! Your wallet will thank you.


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