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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Summer 2007- Week One

Week 1 of summer is done!

Here's an overview: looks like I will have 3 extra boys and then every other Thursday a 4th, add in the neighbor boy- my 3 son, and that brings our boy count to 6.5 this summer!!

We had our beach day and then being the first week I let the boys have at it; I put no restrictions on screen time, had no scheduled quiet time or reading time, they bounced from activity to activity. They had a blast!

Let's see, we've already eaten:
2 containers of Pringles
10 hot dogs
2 boxes of mac-n-cheese
a case of Sam's brand sprite
a gallon of milk
sandwiches, sandwiches and sandwiches
2 batches of blueberry muffins
3 batches of homemade pretzels (made by my cousin and the 1 girl who made her way here this week)
a batch of brownies
a pizza (for a snack mind you)
pancakes and syrup, pancakes and syrup...
and that's just what's coming to mind

Videos have been made, and very creative ones this time around- I'll post when they're up. The shopping carts have been pulled out- don't ask. Heroscape was a centerpiece all week on my dinning table, cowboy and indians fought battles in my living room, the kittens were nicely held captive sleeping under a laundry basket and the trampoline may have already logged in more hours this week than the previous 3 months!

The woods have been explored, we've captured a legless lizard, IN. MY. HOUSE! The dog has busted through the screen and I even managed to have my devotions!

Week 1 is gone and as week 2 approaches I've nailed down our daily plan. My summer schedule is still in the works and I won't finalize that until this week, but here's our daily plan of attack:

8:00 Boys arrive
8:15/8:30: EAT
Free time, screen time allowed
Noon thirty: Quiet time, 30 minutes of reading, 30 minutes drawing or more reading
No screen time all afternoon
3:00: SNACK
4:00 Screen time
5:30 All boys gone!

I've pulled out the pay-doh for the little one and plan on making play-doh this week with him (I'll post recipe when we do)

FYI: Screen time is anything that involves a screen: Gameboy DS, computer, playstation, TV, movies... you get it.


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