Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Raccoon, Kittens, Public School and Faith

So this raccoon keeps trying to get into my trash can. We have the big, green cans; the ones for the county, made to withstand a raccoon attack. Anyway they still try while my cats sit and watch like it's entertainment or something. The dog, well I don't care to let the dog out; he'll take off barking after every creature that lives in the woods next to my house, then he'll come in all muddy, track in a mess and get locked in the office, only to sleep on the sofa and stink the whole place up! So I'll sit and listen to the stupid raccoon try to open my trash can.

Did I mention that my momma cat dragged her three babies up into my attic. Yes she has them nicely snuggled in a little tunnel area above my kitchen. She's crazy and paranoid with this litter, that'll be a chore getting them out without any damage.

Well looks as though Early Bird will be going to public high school, I'll have to share this adventure in another post. While he still has another year at our homeschool, I'm getting prepared now, it'll take that long. When he leaves for high school it'll be 14.5 years that we will have spent every day with each other- I miss him already.

For me I begin to feel scared of my baby leaving the my nest, not being here with me every morning or helping me with dishes or lunch, my face time with him will be reduced! On the other hand I know he has got to grow up and leave my nest and it is my responsibility to send him off the best I can. This is where I heavily rely on Christ and the Holy Spirit in me, there is nothing in me capable of parenting in a positive manner. So my heart says public school. I've prayed and prayed and even prayed that the Lord would change my heart on this issue to my way. God is so good, He always hears us and is our true source of peace. I've found peace in trusting God with this matter, oh it is so freeing!! My baby will one day go to public school!

This whole issue is just a small portion of my life's" issues" lately. The other day I said it was if I was in
Helm's Deep. Fighting in every direction, being attacked in every manner, from every angle, all around. While i retreat to my chambers the fighting gets closer until it's banging at my door. I pick up my shield of faith and am standing firm behind it. I have victory, I can jump on my horse and ride straight out through the battle because the victory has been won!

Oh people- I'm a work in progress..... that is for ShIZZLE!!

and I think I'll watch the Lord of the Rings again...

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