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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring Break Rules? or Spring Break Rules!

OK so the Spring Break rules have been set. Yes I do better on a schedule, with rules and some sort of boundries; if not we'll sleep our whole week away, well sleep and eat and playstation it away.

1. We will visit the beach daily. Everyone must go, no questions asked.
2. You may invite as many friends to the beach as will fit in the car.
3. There is no screen time until 4:30pm. It is unlimited time from then until bedtime at 9pm!
4. They boys can stay up 'til 10pm on Monday to watch Heros with mom and dad.

Perhaps I've entered the too much telelvsion category this week, but if you can't have a special treat during spring break then I don't know what spring break fun is. Plus, for those that don't know my stance on television or the Medusa Set as Dr. Walke called it, we don't have cable or dish or satelight, yep- we have the basic, old-school bunny ears! So free screen time 'round here consists of Playstation, Gamesboy DS and watching the Simpson's or Heros online. Which remind me, has anyone watched tv via the interent? It rocks. Hubs and I have been catching our new fav show, Heros, every night online at Just one short commercial between sections and the commercials are for cars, insurance and cleaners. So far no half naked people or "stupid item" commercials. Since it's the commercials that have kept me from having paid television, I like this alternative. Although lately I've been pondering my compromises and I'm wondering if television and media is general has been compromised 'round here? I'll get back to you on that one. In the meantime we'll be hittin' the beach each morning, napping each afternoon and playing playstation all evening- perhaps I'll get in on some sort of gaming tournament; and oh yeh we'll be hanging out at the new landscape shop we just opened, it's good to work for yourself.

Until next time....

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