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Friday, March 02, 2007

How I Love the March Weather in Florida

Friday is a good day to kick your kids out of the house. If they're old enough that is, and if you're not kicking them out- out, because if I were to actually kick my kids out of the house that'd just be wrong, after all they're only 11 and 13; but today was their day to be outside. There's just something about cleaning my house with no kids in it- I love it! Perhaps it's the fact that once I vacuum there's no one to track in a bunch of dirt, or when I clear the counter no one is quickly following behind me setting things on it. Oh the worst clutter item for me is anything that could possible be educational. No Michelle, we don't have to keep every creature we find in a container somewhere for us to observe, oh which reminds me, we caught a snake the other day- I wonder if he got out?- yep he's gone. Anyway back to the outside day today.

They're always disappointed at first when I tell them at 9:00am it's time to be outside until lunch and then it's back out again until 2:30pm; it doesn't take long and they are deep into some activity. One week they were experimenting by mixing ants from different colonies together, another week they set up a paintball course, and still another they headed out into the woods on some adventure. I hope none of you are thinking I'm cruel, after all don't you remember being left to the outdoors and your imagination as a child. That's when some of our best childhood memories come from: jumping our bikes off homemade ramps, climbing trees, building forts, climbing rocks, we had a blast!

So the boys are outside today with their Bionicles. For all that have seen our Lego room, this is an extension of that. Bionicles are made by Lego and today the boys are set up on the table outside. If you don't have a table set up outside you've got to get one. It's the best to spend time doing homework, crafts, reading magazines, doing Bible study or devotions, playing a game or coloring- it's all so much better outside. Of course if it's freezing cold and you have a foot of snow by all means stay inside or better yet come to Florida where living outside is easy! So while I go on to continue my housework I'll leave you with some pictures of their creations. Enjoy!

And oh yeah, in case you haven't heard about this, then stop back in on Monday for my part of the party. It's gonna be a blast!

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