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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Singing Walking Talking in the Rain!

Spring Break Day Two!

Another great day at the Span Ranch. I started my day with Joy my cussing friend. She's not all that bad but she just chooses some more colorful language than I prefer. Actually an interesting lady, a Christ follower, just working on some areas I don't happen to struggle with. I guess that's what makes our walks so interesting, the struggle with life bonds us, yet our differences abound like in no other friendship I have.

After breakfast and a shower, the first of two showers today, I figure what's a vacation without excessive showering. So we ate and cleaned up before taking Early Bird to look at his first lawn mowing job. Did I mention that before? Early Bird has been mowing our lawn since around age 7 or 8 and started on the neighbors a few months ago, he likes the money so next thing I know flyer's are going out, e-mails being sent, estimates are given.

We them stopped at my Pampered Chef friend's house and visited before going to the beach. For whatever crazy reason we decided to go to the beach the last two days in the afternoon. The mornings have been on the cooler side but sunny. Sunny, I don't think that makes sense to those of you in colder temps but here in Florida, you know the sunshine state, when our sun's out it's hot to be in it. Before getting to the beach we of course had a too small a car incident and packed way too many kids into my Kia Rio before unloading them all into our Grand Caravan, trust me we need all the grand we can get, then we had no keys... finally we made it to the beach just in time for the rain to start. We walked in the rain while the kids played and then an hour later packed it up and headed home. The kids had a blast! These are what memories are made of! Good stuff 'round here, good stuff.

Tonight was Early Bird's Boy Scout Court of Honor where he received his Stamp Collecting merit badge and Early Bird has now crossed over to Boy Scouts, so Scouting is officially a family event for us all again.

Well it's off to straighten out my office area, put the boys to bed and then watch episode 9 of Heroes... shhhh, don't tell Early Bird, he hasn't seen it yet.

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