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Monday, March 19, 2007


Day One of Spring Break Rocked!

Well what else would I say? We slept in til 9am, well Early Bird was up and drawing in the office at 7am. I made Steve some breakfast and walked it, the dog and a gallon of water down to him at our new business .5 mile away. My dog is not a leash walking dog, so on the way he tripped me like a dozen times and I dripped water all over myself. We finally made it to the property, as we so originally are calling it, Steve took the dog while I unpacked. Our walk home was less eventful and I even tried to jog a little ways. Hey I jogged more today than yesterday!

My grandmother came over for a surprise visit, we chatted about family, missionaries and I just listened to her talk. I am so blessed to have her for a grandmother.

Things began to go quick once I got home, the number of the kids in the house doubled to 4 and lunchtime came quickly; reheated tacos, ham sandwich, ritz, fruit and a Klondike bar satisfied their hunger. We dropped off Steve's lunch before hitting the beach. We were the only ones to go out of the ga-zillion people I invited. It was cold for Floridians but we have made a pledge this week: We will go to the beach every day!

Some say I'm crazy for taking all the boys with me different places, I say, I wouldn't travel without them. Today I had 2 extras and even though the weather was a little chilly by Florida standards and windy to boot, they all said a big yes to the beach. It wasn't very crowded and only a few clouds dotted the sky. I put them to work digging the biggest hole I've ever seen. I took a shovel to the mouth during the excavation process. By the end of our 2 hour stay it was getting cloudier and cooler, so after a quick swim- yes boys are crazy- we came back home where you guessed it, they were all hungry again. I got rid of some beefaroni I had inherited yet no one likes, some more ritz crackers disappeared and few bananas are gone and of yeah a bag of popcorn. By 6pm I had kicked them all out and we'll start again tomorrow.
Tonight I plan to stay up late and clean. Don't laugh I love to clean when every one's sleeping, and yes they sleep through the vacuum.

Check out our castle and hole pictures!

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