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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Past 3 Days

Our homeschool group visited Old St. Augustine Village last Friday. If you ever make a trip to St Augustine, don't let this little gem pass you by. I found by organizing this trip that most of the "locals" think they've seen all of the nations oldest city, when in reality this area has been missed.

We met at 8:30am an successfully caravaned, all 5 cars worth, to St Augustine and parked close by! Our tour guide was interesting and he used large words and cracked jokes and couldn't have been any more perfect for our homeschool group of 13 boys and 3 girls.

We learned that Napoleon's nephew eventually made his way to St Augustine via New Jersey and lived in one of the houses we visited, the setters who married locals lived longer, slaves were first freed in Florida in St Augustine and we even saw the exact spot where Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was read.

Friday night Night Owl headed over to Orlando with a friend to Ignite Orlando, a free concert of some great Christian artists. Family Force 5, Thousand Foot Crutch and tobymac were the big names. Early Bird, Steve and I were headed over a little later- cause you know how much of a toby fan I am the boys are, so we had to make the trek. Well, when we were almost there a friend called to tell us the main sanctuary was full so we'd have to watch from the overflow on a TV screen. We swung a U-turn and headed home, how could we be so close to the actual concert and have to sit and watch it on a screen- not I said the fam. Night Owl did get to stay with his friend and eventually made it home by 1am. Since we were dead tired, Steve and I hit the sack and Early Bird waited up for his little bro- I'm so blessed that they're best friends. Thank you Jesus.

Saturday I worked a little before having dinner with some friends and their family in from out of the country. I visited with a friend who is a child psychologist in Germany, very interesting. While our two countries vary in many, many ways, the heart of man, women, parent, child, is in the same state. Interesting conversation. You know in Germany they are more apt to tell a parent of a child with ADD, ADHD, and other behavior "problems" to practice behavior training before any medication is ever introduced. They are also more apt to drop a child's treatment is the parent doesn't want to be involved or do their part.

Yesterday we relaxed, did some yard work and attended a meeting at the church. We also caught up on some Heroes episodes.

Anyway that's a little recap on our weekend. Hope you had a great one too.


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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Your trip to St. Augustine looks like fun! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Sorry about the concert though.


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