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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Blog With A Lot of Labels

I really like being with my kids. I like homeschooling. It allows for things like this:
Early bird, who was up early and finished his school by 10:30am, Night Owl, who was up at midnight, listening to Adventures in Odyssey, reading and playing a game he made up, and myself, who slept on the couch because the cats fighting woke me up, I read Habakkuk, who like him I wonder why wicked and deceit prosper?, but back to being awake until midnight: Night Owl was being, ...well his nickname is Night owl, you figure it out. Anyway all three of us pile into the car, drop Steve off lunch and then head to Wal-Mart 5 minutes away. We are listening to Z88.3 when we stop at a red light, the music changes to this. John Cougar, I love this song, John Cougar rocks! Once we figured what happened we started jammin' out to that. We pulled out of the red light and about 50 feet later it was back to the Z.
We started to laugh and then someone said, "that was good way to either witness to the John Cougar fans or keep some John Cougar fans listening to the Z.
We came out of Wal-Mart sat in the car and Early Bird said "Wasn't that funny when the music changed in that spot!" The again on our way from their buddies later that afternoon they both started laughing at the change in stations thing.
We passed through the intersection again and sadly no music change.
I know that will be a funny story we share for awhile together, that's how we roll.


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