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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Dad, My Mom and A Glimpse Into The Futire

So my dad was in town this past weekend. He was just passing through and we only found out about his visit 2 days before he arrived. In his single retirement years my dad has taken up truck driving as a profitable hobby. I was thrilled he was coming! He's often like another child in the house when he comes, not able to work my coffee maker, microwave, pull out sofa, it's a wonder he even can flush the toilet or open a door. *smile*
My mother lives locally and they have been divorced for close to 5 years after 33 or 35 years of marriage. Sad, I know but I am still praying that the Lord will work in my earthly father's heart and bring reconciliation and even bring them back together.
So this bring me to the funniest thing that happened. First of all we don't tell my mother when my dad is coming; it leads to a hundred questions, none of which I have an answer to and is more trouble than what it's worth. So on Sunday night after 24 hours of being in the same town as her, she figured him out. She called him, yes they are friends and talk occasionally, and he finally gave in and said he was at my house just 3 short miles from her. She asked or he asked, we'll never know which initiated it, for her to come over.
Anyway, moving right along, my dad then enters the room I am in and begins to inquire about his clothing. Our conversation went something like this:
Dad: "My pants aren't that bad, are they?"
Dad: "Do you think I should have done some laundry?"
Dad: "This shirt isn't dirty is it?"
Dad: "I don't look that bad? DO I?"
Me (finally): "This is funny- mom's coming over and you're all concerned with how you look."
Dad: "What? I'm just want to look good for my delivery tomorrow."
Me: "That's tomorrow and since when have you been concerned with your clothing when making a delivery?"
Dad: no words a big smile then leaves the room
So 10 minutes later my mom shows up, they chat and decide she'll return later to go out for coffee. The classic get togehter in my fmaily, going out for a cup o' joe.
She leaves.
We all begin to get ready for AWANA and Bible study.
I look into my living room and there is my father, workout elastic tied to the back doorknob, doing exercises.
I think I've just gotten a glimpse into the dating years.


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