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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wired For God

I'm a lifeguard at our churches Wednesday night Middle School Youth Group. We called out Wednesday night group WIRED! Not only are they a wired up bunch of kids but also we truly want them to be wired to God. We're in a series on prayer and after spending and hour as one group we break off into smaller groups. I have a group of 7th grade girls.

Here's part of an e-mail I sent out talking about last night at Wired.

Also small group time keeps getting better.
All the girls participated in the conversation. They ALL prayed! That rocked! Also I brought in my stack of index size cards that have Bible verses written on them. Last week and this week they asked why they never heard from God. I explained some different ways that God speaks but they just weren't getting it- until tonight. As soon as I put the cards out I saw the girls going like crazy digging through them and reading them. Each one had something to say. Like "Oh I need this one!" or "Yep this is for me" I also heard a "Look Ms Michelle, it's what you've been telling me, "be kind and compassionate" " They each took 2-3 cards. I will admit I sat there panicked for a moment because I was watching my beloved verses get snatched away, then I remembered my girls were taking home Bible verses, my girls we taking home Bible verses, I'm not sure anyone heard MY GIRLS ARE TAKING HOME BIBLE VERSES!!.....

I them sat them down and said "See you all just heard from God!"

I just love how God works. I love to see Him begin to work a young girls heart. To open her eyes to His ways and to things in her life that are not pleasing to God. I love the fact that one girl had a "spiritual" question and her peer could answer in a way that lines up with God's Word. I've seen my group of girls do all of the above, I've watched them grow over the past 2 years and it's truly amazing. I continue to lift them up and place them in God's hands, they battle daily in a world that wants nothing more than to snatch them into it's dark pit. I pray that God would capture their hearts, that they would have hearts after the things of God. I'll also continue to feed them lots of junk food at way to late an hour on school nights. I listen when they call to cry over some boy or yell about a friendship gone wrong. For some crazy reason I'll continue to take them places as a group in public and hope we don't get kicked out for laughing too loud or having too much fun!

God rocks and I'm so glad He's given me this opportunity to share in the lives of His children!

The pictures of the kids making banners of God's attributes. We're going to sew them all together into a quilt/wallhanging.

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