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Friday, February 16, 2007

And I Thought a Trip to Best Buy Would Be Quick

So we decided to go to Best Buy last night. Steve needed to look at laptops and when he said he was going I asked if we could go with! We load up, grabed a bit to eat and headed to Daytonie.

So there we are tootling along when I look at the sidewalk and see a couple, decked out in something Nascar, walking by the Waffle House. Now the Waffle House is far from the speedway so it caught my attention. Then I see a family walking, also dressed in all one color- the give away for race fan! Next another family, then a whole herd of people, then we came to a stop. A dead stop. The light was green but there was no where to go so we sat and sat and sat. The it hit me.... it's race week and the Best Buy closest to our home is in DAYTONA!!! There's an unspoken rule in this neck of the woods and it goes something like this: If a race is going on avoid Daytona Beach at all costs. We of course do not follow racing and find ourselves visiting the speedway area every time there's a race there!

Not that waiting in traffic was enough, we then decided to take a short-cut around. Bad, bad, bad. The short cut was even worse, we sat still for 25 minutes, 25 minutes of going NOWHERE!! We turned around and eventually made it to Best Buy where the parking lot was packed and like 6 people were in the store!

Our trip home was fairly uneventful as we took the alternate route that had been revealed to me when I worked the races a few years back. Yes we have ways around all you tourists who flock to Florida each year, it's a local secret, so please come and continue to dump millions upon millions of dollars into our economy.

Not that that was enough but today I had told the boys and their friends that we could visit the flea market. I told them this BEFORE I realised it was race week. Craziness, people it was craziness up there! The flea market is big and when these type of events come they expand the whole thing with tents and trailers and cars and trucks, we had to park in like Georgia just to get in. We made out way to Video Dungeon, the best gaming store on the east coast I might add, where the boys traded games, sold games and dickered with the vendors trying to get a deal on something. I could hear all their pockets screaming "give me a deal on anything, just let me spend all my money here!!"

So that was the last few days around here. Next time I decide to go to Daytona I'm going to check, is there a race going on? Oh wait a minute I'm going again tonight, for dinner, and yes there is a race. I need some help.

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