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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Date Night At Our House

So last night was date night. The boys and I had done some pre-Mimi's shopping earlier in the day, they made the shopping list it looked something like this:

(for those who can't make it out it says:

Ice Cream, Chips, Cookie Doug, Movie- spelling intended)

The kids were staying up all night happily at my mom's and I had time to freshen up before hubby came home from work. You better believe I enjoyed every minute of being in my bathroom alone! But are we getting old? After dinner, which was paid for with a gift card, we went to the mall, a place so foreign to me I was mesmerized by the Winne Dixie banner hanging in the halls- does Winne Dixie really advertise in the mall and is the area between the stores actually called a hall? Anyway after my excitement over grocery store advertisement, and mental notes on what I needed to add to the grocery list, we hit two stores: Penney's and American Eagle. I tried on several things before realizing I can't dress from the juniors department anymore and found a great shirt that I just loved and hubby didn't, I bought it anyway. We then closed out American Eagle where I bought an over-priced pair of capri's, but hey I'll be saving money on our upcoming dates so I can spend the extra on pants, right Boomama!

We made it back to the sports car mini van only to find the dog had eaten all my leftovers. Don't ask why the dog was with us. Home by 9:30pm and it was all we could do to stay awake. We feel asleep with the TV on and the kids woke us up at 8:40 this morning knocking on our window!

Fun times around here, I'm telling you fun times!

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