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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Someone Take My Temperature

I love my boys. I just do. They rock!

I love the fact that I still go on their word about household things without checking it out. For instance I was instructed about a week and a half ago that we were out of plain white paper. You know, printer paper, the kind kids love to draw on and moms use for their Bible Study and homeschool. I made it about 3 days on scrounging up crinkled paper stuck in drawers, or in notebooks, some missing a corner, others with a shoe print on them. Then I went to lined paper, you know the college ruled or wide ruled kind; our houses posseses both kinds, at cheap, cheap during back to school days- we buy a ton.
So finally I decide it's time. The time has come for us to go to Wal-mart, a store we visit like as little as possible, unless of course a new shipment of Bionicles has come in. So before I head out I decide that it's also time for me to check for any more NEW paper in the house. SO I go to the office supply dresser, which is not only an old dresser but also it is in the Lego room while the computer is in the office. So I make it to the paper drawer, open it and VIOLA! ONE BRAND NEW PACKAGE OF PAPER AND A HALF EMPTY OPENED ONE!!!!!

I just love that! The guys in my house can't find things. No matter what it is or who's it is, they are not good at looking for things. I also find it hilarious that I believe them. For whatever, strange messed up reason I believe them.

mom, from her office: "does anyone see my phone on the bar?"
boys: "no"
mom: "can you look?"
they look for a few minutes, mom hears some commotion out there

boys: "we don't see it anywhere."
mom leaves office walks to bar, lift up one thing and finds her phone.

It's situations like that, that remind me how special it is to live with all guys!

My friends with all girls just can't imagine it.

Extreme Days videos. That's another thing I love about my boys. I'm not sure if I should enjoy these or not. See for yourself and tell me, would you be nervous. After all one day they'll figure out to pull a wheely while going off the jump, or that our roof really isn't hat hard to get on, or that the grocery cart will go faster on the tar road 60 feet away. I don't know? Something about the genius/creativity of the boys making a video, cut and paste, music. something screams homeschool* - computer lesson!! So yes that's what these videos are,

a Treehouse SchoolHouse

* this would be an example of how we live our homeschool

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