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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

50 FREE Dates!

Shalee over at Shalee's Diner has this great idea today! Go over for yourself and check itout!

We are the King and Queen of Cheap Dates Around Here, when you marry as teenagers, have kids and put yourself through college you kind of have to be, so here goes:
Babysitting, first of all if you have a child old enough- jump on that train and let them babysit for free-
Grandparents are the next free babysitters and of course swapping with a friend for free sitting is another great way.

With that aside now on to the date!
Our favorite has always been a bookstore- not Barnes and Noble but a used bookstore, where we sit on the floor and read tons of books and if you live near this one you may get to hear Mr. J.D. Salinger come in and complain about the high price of a used copy of Catcher in the Rye. But we've been instructed not to list bookstore dates so here we go, again.

We're all for daytime dates!

1. We visit local historic sites, if you see a brown sign- pull over!

2. Hike- we loved hiking ski mountains in the summer and riverwalks where they exist!

3. Walk the beach

4. Geocaching

5. Drives through the countryside, with a picnic lunch and the top down window open and no destination in mind

6. Sadly we've listened to time share to get free tickets to a theme park, packed a lunch and visited Universal Islands of Adventure for FREE

7. I've helped the kids set a table in our living room with candles and tablecloth and helped them make and serve dinner to us, feed the kids first and then they get to watch movies and play video games in the next room for as long as they wanted to give us quiet time (this is my favorite)

8. Lay out on the roof or front yard, or on the trampoline and star gaze

9. Last weekend we got together with 3 other couples, locked our kids in the basement and enjoyed a couples game night! We enjoyed it so much we are planning to make it a monthly thing.

10. Museums are fun! Check to see if they charge a flat fee or have a suggested fee. When we were in NYC we would visit the Museum of Natural History for whatever cash we could afford, how's $2.50 for 2 people sound?!

11. Dessert and coffee

12. Dollar movies

13. Send kids to grandparents and enjoy a night in, order out or on the cheap eat leftovers or fast food

14. Create a scavenger hunt and take a picture at each spot, creating a memory book to remember your date- keep your pictures on the computer for a cheap scrapbook! Include places close to your heart as a couple or a scavenger hunt around Wal-mart stopping at items that have meaning.

15. State parks or county parks for strolling, hiking or finding a nice rock or bench to just sit on.
16. Matinee movie
17. Early Bird dinner's or coupons for dinner
18. Lastly, but certainly not least Hub's favorite- Disc Golf with the dog and me!


Shalee said...

The more I'm looking at #7, the more I'm figuring out a way to do this one...

Love that you have given SO MANY ideas! Thanks for sharing...

PastorMac's Ann said...

This is a great list. This summer, we're definitely going to give the star gazing idea a try!

txmommy said...

great ideas!!

The Bass Player's Wife said...

#6 cracks me up! There are scads of timeshare places popping up out here. I love that you used it to your advantage...

Overwhelmed! said...

#7 is pretty easy for us to do since our little guy is 2 and he's in bed by 7:30 p.m., 8 p.m. at the absolute latest!

Great suggestions! Thanks for sharing.

I offered one, cheap and fun idea in my post!

Kathleen Marie said...

Excellent ideas! Oh, I miss our trampoline. We even slept on it a few nights. What a shock that was to the kids! ha!

Kelly said...

Ok Michelle, number 9 might need a little re-wording. Locked in the basement. Did you give them any food and water??
I love your ideas though, and will definitely plan on trying a few in the upcoming weeks.
God Bless,


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