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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Mostly My Dad's About Work, Work, Work"

titled taken from an LA Symphony song called "The Pop's Song"- very good I suggest you check it out.

I'm gonna be honest with you on this one.
Sometimes I just want to check out of my life.
Mostly because I parent a strong-willed child and have a husband who works a lot.
I love both these people to death but sometimes I swear they will be the death of me.
Anyone with a strong-willed child knows that sticking to your guns is hard.
Homework- ugh, forget about it; but wait we can't forget about it we have to press on, remind him, encourage him, speak firmly to him, love him.
I've recently done an in-depth study on the book of 1 Thessalonians and the wonder of truth in that book is amazing! I actually still have some work to do on that study but as part of it I dug a little deeper into 2 themes in that book.

Funny huh?
Not really God is always relevent, why this surprises me I'll never know-- darn humans.
Anywhosal, love, no work.

What I learned about work.

First a background, and please this is my life, my path, my journey. Some of you have husband and lives with different work schedules and that's fine, your cross to bear is different than mine so bear with me on this one.

My husband works 6 days a week.
Always has.
My dad worked 6 days,
my grandfather worked 6 days
and most likely his father and so on and so on.
Call it self-employment or just the nature of the beast but my husband has always worked 6 days.
My husband has also just about always worked 10-12 hour days.
If there is daylight there is a job to be done.
He has pumped gasoline, delivered pizzas, stacked lumber, fixed aircraft, mentored students, taught ESOL, painted, roofed, built, delivered newspapers, worked retail... you get it, he has done lots of things.
Then at night after he has put effort into our children and myself he lays down and sleeps- soundly, deeply, sweetly.

Often I get frustrated because of this.

I often attend evening events by myself, I cook dinner not knowing when he'll walk in to eat and I spend a decent amount of time wondering if he's sleeping so sound because I'm boring; but my emotions are conflicted.
The sweat and hardship of his work shows in his cloths I wash, dirt, sawdust, grease, paint, sweat and as I do his laundry I am thankful for this man, this man who has been willing to work 6, 12 hour days so I could stay home with our children, so he can provide.

AsI looked at what God's Word says about work and the Believer I was and I am comforted.
Here is what I found:
Amount of work:
-6 days - Exodus 20:8-10
-we should work day and night if need be - 2 Thessalonians 3

How we should work (doesn't mean work will always be this way):
-quiet -
-by the sweat of our brow - Genesis 3:17-19
-with our hands -Acts 20:33-35; Ephesians 4:28; 1 Thess 4:11-12
-minding our own business - 1 Thess. 4:11-12
-disciplined - 2 Thess. 3:7-15
-painful - Genesis 3:17-19

Why we should work:
-sleep good - Ecc. 5:12
-supply our needs and the needs of those with us - Acts 20:33-35
- to help others - Acts 20:33-35; Eph. 4:28
- not be need ourselves - 1 Thess. 4:11-12; 2 Thess 3:7-15
- to pay for our food - 2 Thess. 3:7-15

OK so for some of you that means nothing and you could care less, but for me it was conforting and encouraging.

Comforting to know that it's OK for my man to work 6 long days; believe it or not I have heard a little negativity about his work hours and that disturbed me. Which I guess was good cause it made this study time all the more sweet.

Encouraging to know that it's OK and for me to know this is an area my man has been obedient in. He has an amazing work ethic, and no I often wonder it but do not believe he is a work-a-holic, and he is an amazing giver. Some days I have to look at these passages to remind me it's OK that he sometimes gives away all our extra income to someone in need.

So I won't check out of my life. I will be reminded by God that I got a good man and through the love of God I will continue to encourage, speak kindly and love on him and my strong-willed teenager- he deserves another blog post all his own.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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