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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Misc Scrapbook

Scrapbook time again!
So many times I think we lead a boring life. After moving here to our vacation spot we don't go very many places and we don't have all that much excitement; although as I type that I think about 2010 and nothing about that year says dull. Perspective and reality can be different can't they.

My brother-in-law celebrated his 30-something birthday recently and so a night out was in order. We went to the Garlic, a local restaurant owned by an ole Vermonter who has a restaurant of the same name in Woodstock, VT.
It was a long wait but worth it because we had a great atmosphere to visit in; fireplace, lights strung on trees, live music.
Steve and the birthday boy.
Me. Felt like taking a picture of myself while in the bathroom- vain? maybe but I thought I looked good.
January-February and March are what is called Bridal Christmas in the wedding industry, or at least at our store :)
It's pretty crazy.
Any Saturday or Sunday it can look like a flash crowd has taken over and dresses, smiles, tears and "excuse me's" are all over the place!
Here's a brief visual.
Illana had her first real deal Family Night at Chick-fil-A. We actually go for the last 30 minutes of Family Night but it happens to be the time her daddy is on break.
Here she is first walking in:

Ordering or better said getting oohed and awed over, not the greatest pic of Molly- sorry.
Hanging with her Uncle Justin.
Auntie Jojo was sticking her tongue out at baby girl and guess what- baby girl stuck her little tongue out as well. So cute!

Miss Illana Belle has started to smile. We just love it!
So stinkin' cute!
Friday night was a concert at church and all the boys were out of the house. Katie came over and what was suppose to be a chick flick night ended up being a reality tv night.
Toddlers & Tiaras, 18 Kids and Counting :)
And of course Auntie Katie couldn't get enough of the baby!! She is spoiled in case you were wondering.

So there it is my boring, not exciting life recently.
Peace out friends.


Missy said...

You look great! How could a meal at a place called "Garlic" not be anything but good?!!

Brandi said...

Love your photos-and yes, you do look great!

American in Bath said...

Oh, they are completely beautiful.


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