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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Grandkids are Better

So you always hear having grandkids is better than having kids.
I've been thinking about why that is true. I like having kids, I liked having little kids; don't get me wrong late nights, little sleep, attitudes, hormones, all of those things tear a parents sanity to shreds but I like being a parent.
So why are grandkids better?
Here are some reasons I'm discovering:
I am not her primary caregiver,
I'm not up in the middle of the night,
I only change diapers when I want to
and I have the joy of holding and loving a baby but not the responsibility attached to it.
I'll keep you posted on the why of this, until then.... pictures!
That's the other grandparent responsibility- pictures!

With her Uncle Scott, not my brother but Vaughan's best friend since elementary school.
And with her Papou.
What an amazing man I married, I mean don't get me wrong he drives me nuts many days but I can not think of anyone else I'd rather do this thing called life with.
He is a wonderful, husband, father and now grandfather.
Love my Hottie.

So now that I'm back to blogging I am also back to catching up on everyone's blogs. Slowly working on getting all the links up and if you blog and I don't know it- please let me know, one of the best things about blogging is watching my friends, near and far, past and present, live their lives in this bloggity good world!
Love in the new year,

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American in Bath said...

Thanks for this. I've taken an unintentional break. You've just reminded me of one of my whys for the writing.


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