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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Diaper Bag


One of the things I don't get to do as much as I'd like to do, is sew.
Sewing seems to one of those things that comes and goes in seasons for me; I do best when I can leave my machine and materials out and have the freedom to sit and sew as my day allows. Each time I have had the privilege of having a sewing space something happens and I am forced to forfeit that space.

The last time I had the opportunity to sew was the day before Illana was born.

I made her diaper bag!

Sarah picked out the material and so that Saturday morning I sat down to get the baby girl her diaper bag.

I used Simplicity Pattern 2924 and was so proud of myself for not only buying all the listed items but also following all the directions.
Like any good project a seam ripper was in order.

For some of you following all the directions may seem to be a no brainer but the way my brain works any project i do usually involves tweaking patterns to fit my own thought process or just making the pattern myself. On this project I figured direction following was in order. And I wonder why I don't sew clothes...

The outside has a back pocket and two side bottle holders, while the inside has 4 pockets and of course my vintagesheet label ;)

I enjoyed sewing the front ribbon on with a simple flat bow. Sarah chose nice blue and brown colors to last through other babies who might perhaps be boys?

If I happen to make another one of these I may consider shortening the strap, I've noticed Sarah has her strap tied in a knot to make it shorter.

So there it is my first crack at a diaper bag and my last sewing project over a month ago. I have a crazy idea to commit to sewing one project a month this year. Perhaps Shasta or Missy would host some sort of monthly sewing challenge that I could join- or maybe point me to one already out there in blog world. hint, hint

Currently I have my mother's sewing machine but she has asked for it back for a few weeks while my aunt visits.

The sewing machine issue has always been an issue. My machine's pedal is missing and has been for years, a friend gave me another machine that I have yet to figure out. The main issue is that my mom's Elna really rocks! It is the machine I learned to sew on and the machine I love the best; it's quality is above any other machine I've sewed with, whether that is a fact or just in my mind is not up for discussion; I simply prefer to sew with an my mom's Elna.

So my thought is that my mom will forget to pick up her machine and that I would decide on and complete a project sometime before January comes to an end.

Project suggestions now being taken...
Anyone else have a project they wanna share?


Missy van Ee said...

Hmm... once a month? I still have Cobblestone on my needles that I am trying to finish by the end of January! My project on the sewing machine is a bunch of Christmas gift bags for my mom to use next year ( I thought I would also do up some for myself, and of course, what about the other holidays/celebrations in between?
PS: I still haven't put a real diaper bag together for Pieter. I started knitting one to felt and it is still a WIP!

Anna said...

I love this! I wish I could do that. :) My diaper bag is so boring...

Shasta said...

Michelle, this diaper bag looks awesome! And I love your labels! It cracks me up that following the directions is not your usual method. For me, I can't deviate from directions.

I'm really focusing on adult clothing right now -- I'm going to do Peter's (Male Pattern Boldness) men's shirt sew-along in February. Perhaps one of your guys needs a shirt? And I'm still working on the Crepe dress which I really want to finish before we leave for Bangkok but I was derailed this week by the flu. I can think of a sweet little girl who would look lovely in a handmade dress!

In re: your sewing machine issues, perhaps you and your mother could work out a custody arrangement with the Elna? Maybe two weeks at her house, then two weeks at yours?


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