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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy 2011- That Types Up Weird

*updated at bottom
I will be back- I promise!
Happy New Year to all,
I've just been spending less and less time around the computer, I wish that meant I was spending more and more time organizing and cleaning my house- but it doesn't.

Actually I'm not sure what I've been doing??

So perhaps I will go over all I've been up to.

I have watched a few movies and television shows on netflix, had an "inner-fit" that had my mind fighting against itself, luckily I won;
I attended an anniversary dinner and a candlelight memorial service for a friend of Justin's who died last Thursday.
We threw our annual New Year's Party, I took a long walk on the beach and held Illana not nearly as much as I wanted to.
I've also fooled around with a new look for this here blog.
So I guess I've been busy.

I've also been thinking, I know, scary; but I've been mulling over lots these last few days...
about dead fish,
one legged birds,
being obedient,
loving my husband,
living in an open field,
my household responsibilities,
managing my home,
studying the Bible,
serving the youth,
why people choose suicide
and most recently I've been thinking about where on my bosy I can wax next.
Yes, for Christmas I got a professional waxing system and let me tell you the pain of waxing your upper lip has nothing on waxing your own inner thigh.
Nuff said.
Good night.

So I got around to a new blog look, what do you think?
I still have some linking and tweaking to do so be patient, drop me some feedback- good and bad- and stop back by.

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Annie said...

I'm sooooo glad your back!! Your blog has been missed! Although I've not always followed, knowing that you were doing this always gave me...inspiration, cuz I wanted to do it too-even tried once, couldn't get it off the ground, and comfort-we love the whole Spanos family and it's so incredible to watch you stretch, grow and rest in our Mighty God! Thank you my friend! Again, I'm so grateful for you :) Love you my sister! Annie


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