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Sunday, August 01, 2010


Each time I return from a mission trip I have tons of things to say and share, yet when I sit down to blog I just don't seem to do the trip any justice and so I end up not posting or posting something I'm not real crazy about.

So this year I've summed up a typical day in Detroit.
-Wake up and eat breakfast.
-2 hours of devotions, on our own and then a group discussion.
-2 hours of prayer walking- this is where we head to Cass Corridor and pray with the homeless, get to know them.
-"Home" for lunch
-Big A pick up. I love to drive the van and pick up the kids for our Big A afternoon program. We visit 3 different housing projects and this year picked up over 80 kids.
-Afternoon of Big A- games, crafts, Bible teaching, basketball- fun!
-Big A drop off- again one of my favorite times.
-"Home" for clean-up and dinner.
-A group each evening would skip out of Big A early and take part in feeding the homeless at the Detroit Rescue Mission.
-After dinner we'd prep for the next day of Big A, gather for "Stories of the Day" and finally to bed by midnight, usually later for adults

So for now that's the summary.
Life's been busy, I've been working a bunch and school starts soon.
I am still working on some end of summer activity, we've done none this year, not even an invite from friends to do a single thing- way to go friends!

Happy day!

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