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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Above All Else Love One Another

Two of the most controversial things regarding my kids are the fact that my oldest is having a baby and that my youngest likes Kurt Cobain. Crazy I know because some of you have no idea why these two things would be controversial but they are.
I love the church. And when I say the church I mean the group of people I know who call themselves Christ followers, the actual people who make up "my" Sunday building, well those people I'm not always crazy about. Yeah I said it, I'd rather be with my church friends with a variety of backgrounds then the ones I sit next to on a Sunday; not that they are not nice people, or kind or loving, just a large group of them have turned me off to their Christianity.

See my son who is having a baby at 16 has been criticised more for the "ruining" of his best friends life than being loved on. As a matter of fact among his peers he has been more shunned than anything- I think they, in their immaturity, don't know what to say. I think they are faced with a direct result of "doing something they're not suppose to do" and it scares them. For me, it's not the kids, it's the adults- I've been amazed at what's been said to him, to me and behind out backs. If you can't tell this is an area I am lifting up in prayer cause if I don't my heart will turn bitter and I'm not game for that. I just am amazed at adults who speak down to students in a manner that is not uplifting and is just plain mean- I can only imagine fr them it's hard to "get" other people's issue when you don't look at your own.
Next is Nirvana. Kurt Cobain to be exact. Apparently in some circles this band is the devil. My 14 year old gets slammed more often than you would think for liking this band. Ummm... anyone who came of age in the early 90's please stand up, didn't we all listen to them?!
So this morning as I get ready for work I am reminding myself that other people's judgmental statements and actions that hurt are just trivial things on this temporary planet. I must pray for those very people who persecute, speak mean, ignore and judge not only me but my family as well.
And for the record I wanted to let those who read this know I am super, excited to have a grandbaby- blessed the Lord is giving me one while I am young and can run, jump, crawl and keep up with a little one. Some people don't get that.
to let you all know that I not only listened to Nirvana but had a small crush on Kurt Cobain.
Judge me how you may.


American in Bath said...

Now I can't even remember who sent me over here, but a friend of mine tells the story of the day her daughter turned up at church in a mini-mini-skirt. One of the other mother's turned to her and asked her how she could let her daughter dress that way in God's house. My friend replied, "At least she's here." Not one of the other woman's teenage children were. When I first left the church it was this sort of thing that kept me from going back. I'm pretty sure that if there is a God, he loves Kurt Cobain too.

Aleatha said...

I know you totally know this verse but it came to my mind. "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? Luke 6:41 These other people are not going to be who you stand in front of on your judgement day, so stand strong in what you know is truth. I am praying for you! :)

Kristin said...

Don't be discouraged. God said that we are not to judge other people. Unfortunately there are many Christian's that do it any way. I know lots of people that won't go to church for this very reason. It is sad that people have to be like this. Remember that God is on your side and he will get you through this. So do you know if it is a boy or a girl yet? When is the due date?

Hi I'm Michelle said...

Thank you all for the encouraging words, always nice to be reminded that Christ followers are sinners too, including myself. Love is all we need isn't it?
Ah they know the baby's sex but still have a few people they want to tell; once I get the OK you can bet I'll have a post about it over here.

Allison Reynolds said...

Michelle...interesting post. We have more or less going through similar thoughts. In my mind, I am trying to seperate the church body from the Lord. Because at times, they seem to intermingle and then my image of God gets distorted. Though I know that we are to come together as a body, but sometimes the "church" has been more hurtful than the world. That's why I have continued this summer to keep my eyes on HIM.


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