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Friday, August 13, 2010

Vacation Day 2

So we didn't make it very far north after our first stop of the trip. We found ourselves checked into a Days Inn in Richmond Hills Georgia.
Yep broken down in Georgia, that's where we found ourselves.
I'm not really in a writing mood this morning but I wanted to get our pics posted.
We made the best of our vacation changes.
Here was the view from our hotel:

We ate at Waffle House, twice in a 24 hour period of time; while this was pure joy for Steve and Justin I think it certainly should be illegal in some states.

Vaughan's brilliant wife suggested he download a Mad Libs app. We played some Mad Libs!
We cheered up the overworked staff.

We enjoyed each other.

Here's what the day looked like when we weren't eating at Waffle House. We spent it in this room. If any reason to not have cable television, or satellite for that matter, is for vacation days in a hotel room- add some cable and our family is happy.
Getting the car fixed by a mobile mechanic in a gas station parking lot. Good times right here.

Stopped at America's Smallest Church so Justin and Uncle Jim could check it out, yes Uncle Jim made his way to us but that's another story.
So our family vacation 2010 was a 440 miles, 36 hour vacation for us. Good times.
Well, I did pout when we returned home and Steve went right back to work. And I did pout because it's what I do best when things don't go my way.
I did pout but eventually God changed my heart and I spent some good, quality, time alone on the beach.
Happy summer!


American in Bath said...

There's a mad lib app? I suddenly NEED an iphone. I once broke down on Christmas eve in the middle of Tennessee. I ate three waffle house meals, and the waitresses were fabulously kind. One even offered to take me home for Christmas if the mechanic didn't have the part for the car. He did. It was one very blessed Christmas Eve.

Hi I'm Michelle said...

Sweet! I love that you used the word fabulously!! very British with the "ly" ending


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