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Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Wave of Pillow Love

This last week was our churches annual Vacation Bible School.
I got to do the crafts this year and I loved it!

For two reasons:
#1: duh?? CRAFTS?? don't you know anything about me?
#2: Missions Focus:
it is in crafts that the mission time happens. It is part of our mission at my church to reach others for Christ, both here in our community, across the country and around the world!

Since my heart is in Detroit I thought it a perfect match! Or God thought it, cause well I just showed up.

Anyway, We made 65 soft, colorful pillows this week to send to inner-city Detroit with the group of EAC high schoolers that will be going there. The pillows will be handed out in a variety of ways I imagine; at a local day care, homeless shelter, VBS and however else the Lord leads.

I couldn't take enough pictures of this mission focus project, nor could I post enough in this blog.

One last note: after making the pillows we spend Friday praying over them.


They gave a "shout out" to their new friends in Detroit!

Please note teenager praying and leading a crew here at VBS.
Many of the student "crew leadsers" will do the same thing for 2 weeks this summer in Cass Corridor, Detroit. If you know nothing of Cass Corridor- you would do yourself some good to google it.

Another teen missionary.

Future teen missionary.

More prayer.

Are you seeing a pattern of crew leaders.

The wave of love.
EDG to the DET
Kid 2 Kid Missions 2010
Pray for Cass Corridor.

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