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Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Childhood Fashion Memories

So yahoo had a thing on their news reel about past fashion fads.
It made me think of the fads I loved growing up, see how many of these you remember and how many of these fads you were part of.

Scrunched down socks.
Perhaps one of my most worn fashion statements in the late 80's early 90's; I especially liked this style with pegged jeans.
Speaking of pegged jeans, they were so versatile we could wear them with any type of shoe.
Banana clips. I always remember my cousin Shanna had the greatest hair in the banana clip, somehow my hair always looked stringy.

Coca Cola clothing. I had jeans, a polo shirt and watch. Somehow I just loved the fact that a soda label was on more than just a t-shirt. I turned those jeans into a disc golf bag years ago, I loved them that much.
Friendship bracelets, we pinned these to our clothing and taped them to our desks all in an attempt to weave together some sort of friendship magnet.
Jelly shoes. These have made a comeback but those original styles will never be replaced.
Scrunchies. Again who didn't own one in every color, these went nicely with the scrunched down socks, and a side pony.
Zinka- perhaps the coolest thing to wear on your face since blue eye shadow. I had Zinka in bright pink, cause all red heads need bright pink of their face.

Swatch watches. And I mean watches cause we wore 2 to 3 on our wrist at a time. You never can be too sure of what time it is, I still have mine in a box somewhere, along with my Coke watch; nowadays I don't even own a watch.
I didn't even mention some other favs, like a flipped up collar on my jean jacket or Rebook double tongue sneakers.
So how about you what was your favorite childhood fad?


Lady Fromage said...

Ha! Stumbled across your blog and just about spit out my first cup of morning coffee... Ah, the banana clip, the scrunchie, and of course, the scrunched down socks...

I can't wait to look back in 20 years and gasp at what I wear these days!

Thanks for the laughs!
Lady Fromage

Aleatha said...

How about the big wave in the bangs? lol I was in the store the other day and there were jeans with the tight roll. no joke. I guess I am stuck back in time b/c I still wear scrunchies. lol :)

Kelly said...

I can so relate to these, along with z cavericci jeans, id# clothes that you can wear inside out, guess jeans, and edwin pants :) I loved wearing the poofed hear and bangs, like Alethea said!!!

Hi I'm Michelle said...

Ah yes, z cavericci and guess jeans were also my favorite.

Allison Reynolds said...

I love the sock picture...I tried to tell my daughter about how we wore socks...and since she wears the no-show socks...she couldn't believe we actually wore them (sometimes two or three in different colors).

Simply Dani said...

My mom still wears banana clips. And every now and then she tries to wear her socks like that... Oh my.

Did friendship bracelets ever go out of style?!

Jelly shoes were still THE thing to wear when I was really little. I shed many tears in the shoe aisle begging for those things. My mom insisted they would just make my feet sweat, blister, and stink :(


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