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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th of July 2010

Like most holidays we spent the day at Yiayia and Papou's house.
After the cookout we headed down to the events on Riverside Drive and watched the town fireworks.
Before we headed out I realized I didn't have any red, white and blue on my body and little to no clothes in those colors so I decided to paint my face.
Then my nephew wanted "boy stuff" on his face.
And Aunt Rachel and Mary wanted in too.
After the show we headed back to our house for the after party and the annual "blow something up" event.
The guys started off with smaller stuff like this:
And then moved into the real deal, our own private 45 minute firework show!

The next day I got a better look at all the fun!
Although this one tipped over it still was a pretty sight!
Things got blown up, like......
coke bottles,
Subway cups,
more bottles,
The debris goes in here:
Two years ago you may remember the car explosion.
This year the guys blew up a bathroom cabinet. Inside the cabinet was a cinder block with the explosive on it and a bowling ball. Then screwed to the outside of the cabinet were two pieces of plywood.
Here is the aftermath:
Stuff stuck in a nearby tree.
Split the bowling ball.
Of course the cats were curious what happened.
So another 4th has come and gone.
We all survived, the neighbors were entertained and the yard is still a mess!
Hope you all had a great Independence Day!!

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if pics of a blown off hand will make it on the blog some year.


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