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Monday, July 12, 2010

Date Night Day

Lately I have been slacking.

And I mean really slacking. It's like since I got my new job I have majorly let my old job (the housekeeping one) slide- BIG TIME! The good thing is I have a new daughter in the house who picks up some of the slack and a 14-year-old who does his part now and then, but there's something about a women in her own house that no one else can match.

It's like my mindset is that of "I have to work today" and although I may not have to work until 2 or 6 in the afternoon it's as if I can do nothing else until that time. Well I can do other things, but nothing of "work" value at home. See I'm great at connecting with friends or playing some Lego Indiana Jones on the Xbox; not so great at tending to my home, cooking or yardwork.

Did I mention I only work 25 hours a week? I wonder what I'd look like working 40 hours outside my home??

Not sure what your thoughts are on housewives but I can tell you for 17 years of full time experience it is a lot of work; that's why my neglect of it has made my home an interesting mess.

Steve and I have not really neglected our date nights but I was itching for a "real" date night. See we do Jeep rides like pros. Visits to Yiayia and Papou's- we love them! But when it comes to Hottie and I away from this town, well it was 3 months ago that we had our last date at the Olive Garden 20 minutes away and 6 months ago we went to Savannah for the day.

So... Friday night we had a date night day.
Date night cause it was at night
and day cause we were together, alone, away from our world for 8 hours!!

So now to hold me over for the next 3 months here are the pictures of our date night day.

It started with dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, commercials late at night will drive people to restaurants the next day.
Our only together picture.
Then we headed to Downtown Disney. How blessed we are to live next to the vacation capital of the world! We stopped by the Magic Shop, the funky Disney shop, the artsy shops and tons more. Of course no visit to Downtown Disney is complete without a Lego Store visit.
Anyone who knows about Star Wars will appreciate this next picture: it's the droid factory, pretty sweet.
Disney always aims to please and they rarely let you down. These musicians were playing a violin, cello and clarinet- electric style, and in full costume to boot!
Then of course we shopped. We had received a rebate for purchasing an energy efficient washing machine and vowed to spend that money on our date night; which meant we got to shop! I'm not much of a shopper but when I get to Disney it's like the money in my pocket screams to be spent! Not only did we buy stuff but we had fun in the shops.
The Ghirardelli Chocolate store.... where I got the most delicious chocolate shake and more sample than one person is allowed.
Now for the reason we went to Downtown Disney: to ride the Characters in Flight hot air balloon. Which was closed due to lightning and later in the night closed due to high winds at balloon height. I think the pilot just wanted to hang out and try to convince us to get him a beer, but what do I know*? ;-)
Here's the balloon, blurry but you can see how neat it is.
And then, way too late, we made the trek to the car and then home. Oh how I love my Hottie and any time I spend with him- but I am especially fond of date days or in this case, date night days!
So worth all we've been through to have this man by my side through it all.

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Aleatha said...

what a great idea. i am totally going to take my hubby there for a date night. :)


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