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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekend Happenings

It's been a busy weekend here at the Span Ranch.
Beside the middle school "Quadruple Yuk Squared" event at church, I spent a lot of time in my garden and on the phone with a good friend!

It's also rained a bunch!
I don't mind the rain; I just put on comfy clothes and head out into it.

Here are the start of some tomatoes.

This is my bean tee pee. You can see the beans in the ground at the base- I'm wondering if I planted bush beans though? Hmm. We will see.
To the left of the beans, I mean the right, are 2 of my cucumber plants. I still have 6 waiting to go into the ground.
I moved some rocks and got some landscaping going; below is the beginnings of a flower bed. I used coquina rock as a border (still in need of some) as well as bricks from various clean-up jobs after Hurricane Katrina. I use to have 1 large broken pot amoung the greenery until that pot mysteriously broke into 4 pieces? boys
In case anyone forgot about the car blowing up incident in 2008 here's the remainder of that vehicle. It has become a punching bag for many children and adults over this past year.
Rocks, sticks, bats, rakes, cones, shovels.
Kicking, jumping, running and kicking.
I've even nicknamed one of Justin's friends Anger Management because of the time he spends whacking at this thing.
With all this rain our driveway washed out. We really need to invest in some a bunch of sand and a ditch to fix this. Anyway Steve and a friend worked on it today.

Well, the summer is shaping up to be busy so I promise to keep you updated, plus you know me and blogging... I so prefer it over Facebook and all the other sites I belong to.
Hope you had a great weekend, I'd love to hear what you did, comment or link here.
peace out


Whitney said...

Hey Michelle! I love the pic of your tomatoes! Thanks for sharing this bloggin thing with me. I am really enjoying it so far! Hopefully I can keep up with it. I will see you later.

Superhero Mom said...

Hey I am so proud of your tomatoes! When can I come for a salad! JK! By the way, I do remember that car blow up blog in 2008! Love you!


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