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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've tweeted and yes I said tweeted not twittered- I TWEET.
Anyway I have tweeted about redbox a bunch and thought I should at least write about it.
If you haven't tried out redbox movie rental system then you are missing out big time!! It costs $1 a day and it's easy checkout, easy return!


it is soooo much fun meeting people in the line. I just can't help but ask everyone if they just love redbox and guess what- they all do!
Check it out.
Happy Movie Reting

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Superhero Mom said...

First of all I heard that was cool too! Secondly you are kind of making me want to TWEET too. What are you doing to me. Isn't it bad enough that I blog, update my facebook all the time...I don't fully understand Twitter, but I can feel myself being very tempted to check it out! I want to go rent a movie too...just to meet the people.

I get it you are a persuasive writer! (Or, I'm just a sucker; blogs, infomercials, publisher's clearing house.....)!
Love ya!


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