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Saturday, June 13, 2009

This is About Teenage Boys

My boys are great about putting the dishes away.
They've been doing this for most of their life.

It's pretty easy: when the dishwasher is clean,
or dishes in the sink are dry (for the no-dishwasher houses) the boys rotate top and bottom and put them away.

OK, so this has been going on for YEARS! Dishes getting put away each time in their proper spot.
Not anymore.

I have been missing my small white cutting board for over a week now?

No one seems to know where it is or can remember where they put it away? Spatulas and baking dishes are the most misplaced items.
I'm convinced it's the teenage brain and the effect of hormones on it.

For those of you with little ones you're time is coming, hold on- it's a ride;
but, let me tell you a secret,
having teenagers is fun!

Well off to make some granola- yummy.

Peace, love and write a handwritten letter today,

1 comment:

Superhero Mom said...

teehee! LOL! HA! I just love reading your writing on teenage boys! Only because I know that you have plowed the ground before me, and I know you boys...they are amazing! So, it is always encouraging! So about the spatula....mine is missing too. I'd like to blame a Spanos, but since you guys haven't been here in a few months I can only blame my birthday boys. Yes, spatulas are not just spatulas, they are hockey pucks, baseball bats, play dough mashers, paddles for boats in the tub and of course for flipping play dough burgers! Oh I love the missing utensils...all I have to say is thank God for goodwill!


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