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Friday, June 05, 2009

Angry Eyebrows

I've learned a few things this week.
First I have taken a poll of 11 students age 15-19 and found that 85% of moms yell at their kids while cleaning or getting ready to clean the house.

The most common phrase used is, "I do everything around here"

So let me encourage you moms reading this to take the challenge I am taking and not yell at our kids when you clean.

A few alternative things instead of yelling would be:
to enlist their help,
assign cleaning jobs or
just grab the kids and leave the house for an ice cream or play at the park, clean houses are overrated anyway.

The next thing I've learned is that 30% of the students polled have a secret code with their siblings and dad for when mom is in a "mood".
In my house it is an angry eyebrow symbol.

I haven't yelled lately, it's something the Lord has been working with me on. The funny thing is when my boys were little I wasn't a yeller. I mean I yelled, I am a redhead *smile*, but seriously my "cleaning yelling" came much later.
I think my frustrations came when they became the size of an adult. Something about that just says to me, you know better, get cleaning! Realistically the teenage brain doesn't function that way but seriously have they really lost all their habits from elementary school?

So two things:
moms everywhere be comforted knowing we have more in common than we realize
I wonder if you're family has a secret mom code?

Oh I do love the fact that my boys and I can talk about our imperfections, I didn't have that with my mom.
How about you? Were you able to talk with your parents about everything, including their quirks?


Superhero Mom said...

HA! What a cute post. Made me smile. I don't think my kids have a special kind of code when I'm in a mood..I think that they are clueless. HA! I actually don't yell when I'm cleaning....if I'm interrupted..OH WELL...I'd rather be on the carpet with my kids than at the sink any day of the week. Nice post Michelle!

Tiffany said...

Im sure my girls have a code for me. The girls are good girls. We have given them task and " jobs" that pay well to help around the house. I yell when they complain to me that have no money, yet there is a dirty bathroom staring them in the face. Now that is what we need a book on. Great post!

Kacie said...

Hah, this post cracked me up, because my siblings and I totally have a code. Not for Dad since my Dad never had moods except for when mom was gone, and in that case he was pretty much helpless and unable to organize anything. Mom though - we all gave each other looks when she was in a mood. You didn't want to be the spark that lit the tinder afire!

I bet the percentage of yelling would also be high between wives and husbands during cleaning time. I definitely think that CLEAR expectations and a lot of grace help with cleaning time.

Working with jr. high girls that are struggling with their moms has been quite a revelation to me. I know all the moms mean well and love their daughters, but sometimes I just think... WHY would you have said/done that??


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