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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter 2009!

I have fallen in love with this book:
Yesterday Christie and Kinsey came over to bake Easter cupcakes. Christie and I have been talking about baking cupcakes for months so it was nice to finally connect.
Step one below: get "eggs" cut out, cupcakes baked, frosting colored...
It was fun to mix up Easter colors...
Kinsey was the bonus baker. She wasn't in the original baking plan but I am glad she made it! Plus she rocked as the cupcake filler, perfect rounded cupcakes very time.
Next we frosted the "eggs", dipped them in decorating sugar and of course texted and called people the whole time. If you don't spend much time with teenagers I'll let you in on a well known fact: they always keep their phones close-by. It use to bother me but now I see it as an extension of what we're doing and who's there!
Christie adding grass around our eggs- we ended up eliminating this feature, it took too long and none of us were good at it!
Here is Christie's batch that she hopped off to make a special delivery with.
While she was gone Kinsey and I got to thinking...while some may think that the two of us thinking is scary, after all we consist of a cheerleader an ex-cheerleader, THINK AGAIN... we are pure genius together,
pure genius I tell you.

We had a grand idea to make a special cupcake for our friends Emme and Jerm. Since they are huge, huge, Hawaii fans we, or I should say Kinsey, made a personalized palm tree cupcake. The detail that went int this would make any cupcake connoisseur drool.
See the genius...
Here's a wide shot of the finished products...
Some close ups...
Hello Cupcake! is perhaps the best birthday present I have ever bought myself don't believe me? Check out:
to see more of my handiwork from this book.
-Michelle <><


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