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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Checking In

above: Molly, Carlene and I at Sugar Mills Ruins in town

OK, so I've been gone for awhile and if you follow me on Facebook then you know I posted a rather controversial comment last week.

It went something like this:
Michelle is thinking baby.
No I'm not pregnant nor are we trying to get pregnant, that gravy train has been shut down.
Anyway I posted to get Steve's attention. He recently got internet on is phone and I though he'd check his FB more than once a year and when our nephews are in town they cling to him and he gets a little hankerin' for a baby- he may not admit I but I know it. So with our nephew coming into town I posted that. Steve knows how much I love babies and toddlers and how teenagers are currently driving me nuts! Don't get me wrong all stages of parenting are a challenge I just find it easy to look back at the younger years with a whole lot of candy coating.

So I posted it to get him to smile and maybe...
Now we have talked about adopting, but on that note it's been more talk of adopting older children and siblings at that, but that' another post.

So I'll have to update FB people I just probably won't do it until next week.
Now on to the here and now: I'm getting ready to meet with Vaughan's guidance counselor about duel-enrollment next year.Vaughan will be, Lord willing, taking classes at the high school as well as the local college. After that I jump on a plane for Chicago until Saturday!

I'll see about blogging while there, I've been off this month with company in town since March 31st. Plus right after I get back Heather is coming down and we hope to connect. The blog world is interesting especially the stalking done friendships made.

Anyway have a great week. Pray our vehicle issues get ironed out and that my family home/pets/children/husband survive while I'm gone.
Peace and love


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thecollaborators said...

So glad you cleared things up here - I have to say that your FB status was driving me batty! ;) I just ordered the cupcake book you recommend and am setting out to make something spectacular for Dagim's 2nd birthday. I may email you if I need some advice! Have a great time in Chicago! -Shasta


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