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Friday, April 24, 2009

Les' i-phone Rocks the House!

OK, so a few pics from the other night and some new ones too!
Pizza downtown at Giordanos, the best deep dish.
Then it was Wrigley Field, but you'll have to wait for game day pics because they deserve a post all in their own. I mean, Wrigley Field.
So yesterday I feel in love with Les' i-phone. Here I am with it, I think it was the online map of Chicago and the hour and a half I had to play around with it.
I loved having the online access at my finger tips and when I found out how to zoom in and out on the i-phone I was the most thrilled I had been in a while.
We walked out to Navy Pier, Whitney and I with part of the city behind us. the weather was beautiful.

We found this cool indoor garden area.

Then we made a crazy exit to see....
this is for you Dani....
Harpo Studios.
I have other pictures and more to tell I just knew a few of you would be happy to see pics now. I probably won't be back here until Monday so peace out until then.


Vanessa said...

Chicago - how fun! Never been but it's on my list of cities I'd like to visit. Looks like you guys are having a blast.

Simply Dani said...

You really do love me!!

I got one of her book club books today,
have you ready Pillars of the Earth yet?


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