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Friday, April 03, 2009

Family From Indonesia

I am so thrilled to have my cousin in town from Indonesia. Rebecca and I were born 10 days apart and grew up across the street from one another. By birth I have all brothers but if had to claim sister she would be it. There's a bond shared when you're so close in age and geography that no matter how far we live that bond will always remain. She told a story of a day we got into an argument and her mother asked her is that upset her. She responded with "No, we'll be fine again tomorrow."
I love that story. That's how it was for us. But now we're grown-ups. We've traded our barbies for pots and pans, our bike riding for home schooling. When I speak with her it's the same ol' "Becca" I remember. Fashion and decorating, chocolate and being bossy- we're both pretty good at them; but as we visit our conversation always makes it's way around to her life.
See, she lives with the Wano tribe in Indonesia. She is raising her two girls among a group of people who have no written language. A group of people who fear spirits cause death, who chant to these spirits to make their gardens grow. It's quite remarkable to spend time with her and her family. They're just like us, but so different.
Last night I had about 20 of my adult friends and over 10 students come into my home and listened as Rebecca and her husband Tim shared about life in the tribe, their journey in getting there and what their future holds.
The most exciting part of their story was that in a year from now the Wano people will be hearing the Good News of Christ for the first time ever! A people who live in fear of spirits and night creatures will for the first time hear of the peace and love of Christ.
Please pray.
Pray for open hearts of the Wano, for clarity and translation and above all for Christ to shine in this dark part of our world.

Eva, Faith ad Lilly.
The late night gang-all the home school kids could stay up past bedtime!!
What a great time!

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Allison Reynolds said...

I would have loved to have met used to send me all their updates. I am glad they are doing well!


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