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Friday, March 06, 2009

13th Birthday #1

These last few years our kids have had separate birthday parties. One for friends and one for family. We have done this mostly because we have a large family and can't fit everyone in the house at the same time and also so birthday child is not torn between family and friends.

Tonight was Justin's 13th friends party and we let him do it up kind of big. No theme, he didn't want one, no planned games, although they did pay manhunt and sardines. We had the party at the church gymnatorium and I invited a few of my friends along for the ride.
Now the pictures...
For some reason they ended up in costumes with dart guns.
I don't fully get the "put a mask on and run around" thing, but hey it entertains them for hours.

The cake of cupcakes. It was cupcakes stacked with pirouette cookies as candles and banana runts for the flame. I then decorated the edges with other runt candy. It was a little topsy turvy and kind of Dr Seussish. Yet another idea I got from my Hello Cupcake book!

Eating pizza.
Opening presents. This is the only shot I have of the majority of the group. It was a good time, although I was reminded that I will never figure out teenagers nor do I really want to; for now I'll just be happy enjoying them!
Now a friend is sleeping over, birthday breakfast tomorrow (actual birthday) and then family for dinner tomorrow night.
have some special things planned, we make a big deal about the 13th birthday. Letters from dad, special gift from great-grandmother, a birthday boy performance, scripture memorization and poem, actually the poem won't be a part of the program we slacked on that one, oops. Plus he picks the dinner menu. Now I have a dinning room to get ready, I have a table under the pile of junk on and around it.
Well off to do some more pick up and then to bed.


Superhero Mom said...

What fun! We actually heard some of that fun from the education building. :) Hey I just wanted to say thank you. You are such an inspiration to me...when you talk about just gives me so much hope! I love you dearly!

Vanessa said...

Cute cake idea! Happy birthday to Justin!

tessahjake said...

cute cupcakes the recipe for the ipod cake is on :) miss you - can you please tell our kids to quit growing>?


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