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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anyone Willing to Translate?

*update at bottom
Apparently I'm somewhat retarded when it comes to conversations with 13-year-olds. Ok, ok so I know we're not suppose to use the "r" word anymore, it's not "pc"- but it's what I say and in this post it's what I am, so...

on with the story...It took me 10 minutes to get through a conversation with Justin about an iphone, arggg.. I mean ipod touch. I kept picturing the two as one in the same. It was rough for me to wrap my mind around the fact that they are different.

Many of you are my age and know exactly what the difference is, to you I say... wait until you have teenagers and they become you're own private techies and you become 1 step removed from it all; then you will understand this issue I'm having.

isomething, whatever, I most likely can't turn either one on.

Then I dared enter a guitar conversation. This time around I got hugs and laughter, followed up with something like this:
"Mom you just don't get guitar stuff do you?"

No, no I don't.
Scales and reading music, tabs and tuning, amps and strings- I know simple but apparently not to me.


And to think I play played the flute and piano and simple guitar and music terms bounce around in my head like an empty cave.

The there's Vaughan, 15 and rapping, yes like the hip hop type of talk.
There was a time,
back in the day,
when I was very good at deciphering the lingo. The speed and slang didn't slow this mamma down, no way- I was on it!

Well tonight, I sat across from my oldest as he let some sweet lyrics flow.. at least I think they were sweet because honestly I didn't catch much at all. I just bounced with it and smiled.
So times are a changin' and I'm a learnin'.
Learnin' how to communicate with teenagers my teenagers.

And one last thing.
Vaughan is officially a night driver. deep breath
Yes the 90 days of the permit have arrived and my safe haven of driving at night is now gone.

Can't they just be 2 again?

* update: those lyrics Vaughan was reciting were his own, the kid who doesn't listen to rap, writes his own.


Jacinda said...

Wow! The things I have to look forward to! My youngest is 2. When she's taking me to my limit, I think of the future when I will wish the same thing. At least you make the effort to relate. That's awesome!

Superhero Mom said...

Yea well...I'm lost...and it doesn't matter because by the time my kids have iphones there wont be iphones it will be something entirely it doesn't matter....Whatever...I'm going to be 40...UGH...there I said it...40...Whatever...I'm a total misfit at 40 and OH this isn't about me is it?...HEhehehe! I love your honesty my are so still a totally cool young Mom with teenagers (which I think qualifies your being ignorant of many things). So I love that you go with the flow! Such an inspiration for those of us who will follow! Ok..rambling now...almost 1:00 am...

Mike told me you called...yes I have spoken to the new Mama a few times this week. Call me tomorrow if you get this..I don't think she is taking too many phone calls as of late. Love you!

Tiffany said...

I think I have that Iphone coversation everyday. And now it is time to get a new computer, or better a laptop of thier own, cause what we have is to slow. Go figure. Good luck.


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