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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Better Today & Birthday Planning

Today was a better day than yesterday.

Seems like days when ministry happens, life can be such a wreck.

Now it's on to planning Justin's 13th birthday, well it's tomorrow so the planning really should have been done already but if you know us you know we'll start planning tomorrow morning.

We're having some sort of guitar/rock-n-roll theme.

I think we got it.

In our heads at least.

now it's getting it to the cupcakes and games.

No decorations for him.
Pizza, cake (or cupcakes), friends, music, games and his guitar.

Oh, yes the guitar.
He never leaves home without it.
He's getting some good 70's and 80's rock music for his birthday
a music stand.

It's OK to say this here, he doesn't read this blog, it has nothing to do with music or Jimmy Hendrix.
Jimmy Hendrix, he's reading a book about him right now.
I can't get him to read the state's "recommended reading" books for his age group, yet the story of Jimmy Hendrick's life he can't put down.
He rocks.

I pray for this kid daily.
That God would guide him and use his love for music for the glory of the Lord.
Now what kind of cake will we make?

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Superhero Mom said...

Wow! No wonder I love Justin so much! Well actually I love your boys so much....probably because of the way Jesus shines through them...but I didn't know he was born in March! Well happy birthday of your second born...One year I sent flowers to my Mother-in-law on my husband's birthday. We act like it is all about the child, but really the parents had a lot to do with their birth! So are my rock star Michelle!


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