Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Saturday, March 14, 2009

On the Nightstand

As I get new books on the nightstand I'll update the list.
I'm not a book reviewer and am pretty easy to please, if I get past the first chapter chances are I like the book on some level.

In progress:
June 2009
Daniel Bible study with 11and 12th grade girls, see summer of 2008 below for book photo

Sadly that's all for right now.

May 2009
Blue Like Jazz
by Don Miller
Love this book- but it's been many years since the first reading.

The Appeal
by John Grisham
I always like a Grisham book.

Stopped reading this one, just couldn't get into it- although it was good- and my late fees kept adding up so returning it seemed liek the responsible thing to do.

Books Completed:
April 2009
by Tedd Dekker
First one by this author. Good, suspenseful, I couldn't figure it out. The end was a little long but over all a good read.

by Angela Elwell Hunt
read it, OK book I ended up skipping some parts, I'd rate it a "C"

March 2009

Finished it. Interesting look into this society/cult. Look forward to the movie coming out. So far so good. True story of a 35-year-old mother of 8 leaving a polygamist life/culture.

In progress:
Winter/Spring 2009

Love studying the Bible. Love learning history. Love it when the two combine!


Because I have adolescence.

Because I have boys who I pray and desire to remain sexually pure.

February 2009

A MUST read for all Christ followers. One of my top 3 books.
Hope to do a study with the high schoolers or FUEL stdents.
Read this asap.

Fun, easy read for my first ever book club.
I was surprised at the depth of conversation that came from this book.

January 2009

Good book, but took me a while to get through it.

December 2008

My last in a series of Angela Hunt books.
Takes place in a town not far from me
Second in a series, I tried the first book but it didn't cut it for me.

Loved it!
What a twist.

November 2008

I really like Angela's writing.
Some slow parts but overall a good read.

October 2008

Recommended by my 11th grade girls at church.
Liked it way better than the movie.

Fall 2008, second time through

Thursday night group did this.
I can always use a reminder to mesh my theology and reality.

September 2008

Tried to read this over the last 4 summers, finally did.
Good book, will open you're eyes to the spiritual world.
Told from the perspective of: humans, angels and demons.

Summer 2008

Thursday night group.
I loved this.
I love studying the Bible, learning the original words in the Hebrew and Greek, the culture and the way it all fits into history.
I also have learned over the last 10 years how much I love history!


Simply Dani said...


I've read Esther, in the bible, but not the study.

I finished Crazy Love yesterday! So good! I'll love you forever if we do a study on it :)

The sisterhood is probably one of my favorite movies...

I saw the woman from Escape on either Dateline or Oprah... not sure which one.

I've read Daniel.

And Twilight! Holla at chya girl :)

Have you read Blue Like Jazz? I started it today (who needs to listen in math?)

We need to get together some time. Give me a call.

Anonymous said...



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