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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day With the 33oC Girls

This afternoon 2 of the girls from my small group came over to bake cupcakes and cookies. They were hesitant at first, one doesn't consider herself crafty in the kitchen and the other likes to bake but the decorating puzzled her.
We had a good time, here are the pics to prove it!
Decorating our cupcakes (and please check out the string of lights that have gone out on the tree in the background):

What would cookie baking be without these yummy treats?

The three of us hanging our "ornaments" on the tree. Thanks to FC for this great pic idea!
Have I mentioned how much fun these girls are?
Well they are!
Missed you J.F. and O.L.

1 comment:

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Everything looks delicious and those cupcakes look professional! Beautiful job!


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