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Monday, January 19, 2009


Our family caught some sort of nasty flu over this last week and it was enough to send Justin and I home early from our Planet Wisdom conference. It was a hard decision to make but Friday night J was not feeling/looking/doing well and then on Saturday morning he hadn't improved much. We stayed back at the hotel and then I delivered lunch to the rest of the gang on Saturday. Justin and I headed back home slowly feeling the flu myself each mile I drove.

Yuck! I have not been sick twice in one year for... well ever that I can remember. Vaughan is the healthiest of us all. Yesterday we watched movies, that seems to be our sick day, or down time home activity- watch movies. Let's see I was up early so I watched Memories of a Geisha, then as a family we watched Hellboy 2 (not as "bad" as the name sounds for all of you who are freaking out thinking "who let's there kids watch that"), then we watched Superman Doomsday, Matrix 1 and 2. The boys stayed up after us and watched Transformers. Taking it slow today.
I do want to share my latest project, plus who wants to end a post with the above picture? It's from the book Cute Stuff.
First the cutout and pinning.
Then a short 2 hours later a cute bag!
But I'm curious what does a sick day look like at your house?


tessahjake said...

you don't want to see it! Wish I could bring you soup :)

Amanda said...

Yeah you need soup tried to call no pick on either phone. I don't like that at all. You look like crud.

Feel better


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