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Monday, January 05, 2009

1st Sunday of '09

Sunday was a great end to an even greater Christmas break. After church I arrived home to a picnic lunch all ready to throw into the car and go with. After eating at the beach, taking a walk and coming home we opened the doors to "extries" and I realized yet again how times are a changin'. When the boys were little their friends would leave plastic toys around, now they've graduated up to more grown up toys.
The 3 Amigos on the trampoline:

Action figures have been replaced with cell phones and more grown up toys.
The guys walking ahead of me to the pavilions for our picnic.
Seriously, this view is 3 miles from my house, do I have it made or what?
We just love the fact that our camera screen turns on itself so we can see ourselves when taking the picture, OK at least Justin and I like it!
PS Just wondering is it proper to label pics before you view them or at the bottom after they've been viewed?


Vanessa said...

Yes, you have it made! What a beautiful place.

allison said...

I just have to say that I just loved my Atari!!!!

Superhero Mom said...

This blog made me laugh...look at those grown up "toys"! We are happily still in the superhero/costume/spy gear stage! Yes Brendan got some serious spy stuff this he growing up? OH NO! He is still only 7! Love you Michelle!

tessahjake said...

I miss edgewater - winter is blah

Michelle said...

Anytime Joanna- anytime.


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