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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Checking In

Checking in from Planet Wisdom, where we are 25 hours and 50 minutes in to an eventful trip. 28 middle schoolers will do that!
I'm sitting at the hotel while my son is sick upstairs. I'll wait to serve our group lunch, Publix subs- yummy, before heading back home this afternoon.
Add in 6 students stuck in an elevator this morning and the trip has proven to be one of the most exciting yet!
The conference was great last night, "Unlikely Heroes" is the theme and it's good stuff. Our students are getting it, seeing the reality of their lives and actions, or lack there of, and I believe they are being challenged to step it up, accept the challenge to live as an Unlikely Hero.
Well, I need to make sure we're packed to go and instructions for Saturday after conference activities are all set.
More to come... it's been a bust 2009 so far!


Amanda said...

whats wrong wrong with J. Your life sounds so fun!

Baking, cooking, nesting and loving it over here.

Love ya,

Vanessa said...

Hope the rest of the trip is fun and sickness free! Publix subs are my fav! :)

Simply Dani said...

Our church has issues...
We got stuck in an elevator at SLT last year, too.
I think we need to start booking 1st-level rooms...

Glad you're having fun though :)


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